Parental Rights

Repeal the current NJDOE-required Comprehensive Health and Physical Education SLS to create a more inclusive and representative set of learning standards that reflect the needs and values of the wider community.

public safety

 Restore safety in our communities by changing the current bail reform and anti-police restrictions, giving prosecutors the tools and resources they need to hold repeat offenders accountable for their crimes.

Health Freedom

There is a need for policy designed to protect individuals’ right to bodily autonomy and to ensure that any mandates are implemented fairly and transparently.

Revamp NJ School Funding

Revamp the school aid funding formula in Bergen county to prioritize fairness, equity, and sustainability, as the current formula is causing financial strain and underperformance. This will ensure every student has access to quality education, regardless of city or property tax payments, benefiting students and the state.

Family Values

Strengthen family values and promote policies that encourage family relationships and protect parental rights, such as parental involvement in education and providing resources to support families in need.


Promote responsible growth by curbing the rapid expansion of development in District 36,  protecting our natural environment and infrastructure, and encouraging increased stakeholder engagement in the development process.



REquest a lawn sign