Parental Rights

Parental Rights:

The current NJDOE required 2020 New Jersey Student Learning Standards – Comprehensive Health and Physical Education, has been a source of controversy since its implementation, as it was created without adequate input from parents, teachers, and other concerned citizens. Instead, the Learning Standards were developed by a small group of individuals with a particular political agenda, resulting in a partisan and one-sided approach to a sensitive and important subject.

The repeal of these standards is necessary to create a more inclusive and representative set of learning standards that reflect the needs and values of the wider community. The new standards should be designed with input from a broad range of stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and community leaders. This will ensure that the curriculum is appropriate for all students, regardless of their background or beliefs.

Learning standards should focus on the core subjects of reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and history, as these are essential skills that every student needs to succeed in life. By prioritizing these subjects, districts can write a curriculum that will provide students with a strong foundation in the basics, while also preparing them for future success in higher education and their careers. Additionally, a focus on these subjects will help to create a more balanced and well-rounded educational experience, ensuring that students are exposed to a wide range of knowledge and skills.



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