Meet Craig Auriemma

Meet Craig Auriemma

Craig Auriemma was born and raised in Hoboken, NJ, and currently resides in Lyndhurst, NJ.  The twin brother of Chris Auriemma, he also has two older brothers and an adult daughter.  Craig enlisted in the NJ National Guard at the young age of 17 and entered active duty at age 23, joining the counter-drug task force. While serving his country, Craig worked with US Customs, FBI, and DEA, and played an active role in the war on drugs.

Craig left active military duty in 2003 to become a Jersey City Firefighter.  After a year of serving as a firefighter, Craig was deployed with the National Guard to Iraq, where he served his country for 18 months.  Craig returned to the fire department and was again deployed to Iraq in 2008, returning to the fire department again in 2009. 

Craig retired from the New Jersey National Guard in 2011 and retired from the Jersey City Fire Department in 2018.  He has since started a new career in industrial real estate.  Craig has chosen to run for the New Jersey State Assembly as he feels he can no longer stand by and not get involved.  Craig affirms that the stakes are too high to sit back and watch career politicians destroy the great State of New Jersey.

As a member of the NJ State Assembly, Craig will advocate for policies benefiting the children and parents of this great state.  These policies will be focused on protecting the inalienable rights of children and their parents from the tyrannical government overreach which is currently in place and growing.  Craig promises that he will fight to protect the innocence of children from the radical ideologies found within the extreme left-wing agenda.  Craig vows to decrease the size and scope of government at all levels, with the intention of lowering taxes by decreasing fraud, waste, and abuse of power. The Democrats currently in power within the three branches of the New Jersey State Government have been given carte blanche with minimal resistance for far too long.  In the November 2023 General Election, all 80 New Jersey General Assembly seats are up for election.  Currently, Democrats hold 46 seats, and Republicans 34 seats.  When elected, Craig Auriemma vows to hold his campaign promises and plans to bring a broom to Trenton to clean up the disaster that has become our State Government.



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