Meet Chris Auriemma

Meet Chris Auriemma

Married with two adult children, Chris Auriemma has resided in Lyndhurst, NJ since 2012. Born and raised in New Jersey, he has served his country and community for 34 years. As a member of the United States Army, Chris has had two combat deployments to Iraq. As a firefighter in Jersey City, he served his community and rose to the rank of Captain before retiring in October 2022.

Chris’ strong sense of family and Christian faith were inspired by his mother, who raised four sons by herself, instilling in each of her children the value of personal responsibility and self-reliance. These values are lacking in our current administration, which has given Chris the impetus to represent the 36th Legislative District in the State Senate.

As a firefighter during the Covid lockdowns, Chris’ dedication allowed him to continue to save lives. As our current representatives were guided by fear and embraced the tyrannical policies of our Governor, Chris watched as his neighbors were forced to stay home as their businesses and livelihoods were destroyed. This, too, inspired his Senate run, as someone needed to have the courage to stand up for the people in our district and our state. Legislative District 36 is approximately 31 square miles, comprising 12 municipalities, and 134,000 constituents.

As a member of the NJ State Senate, Chris will advocate for policies benefiting the people and businesses within the 36th Legislative District. These policies will be geared to strengthen the ability of voters to provide for their families and determine their own futures. In this same vein, Chris will fight for the rights of victims of crimes, not for the rights of criminals, which our current administration protects when it suits their agenda.

In contrast to our current school aid funding model, in which cities receive an amount greater than all of our districts combined, Chris will fight for a more equitable system that provides support to all New Jersey students. A father of two, whose children were products of NJ schools, Chris will fight to protect the rights of parents in public schools and will craft legislation ensuring parents have a voice in shaping and contributing to their child’s education. In particular, he is focused on repealing the sex education curriculum law passed in 2021, and replacing it with a more common sense approach that respects local PTA’s input, while eliminating the influence of radical special interest groups in Trenton.



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